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According to the U.S. News Best States ranking, Washington is considered the best state in the United States of America. Washington’s low-carbon energy system and comprehensive secondary education system remain among the finest in the region, as does the state’s economy, which is the fastest expanding in the region. Shortcomings have persisted as well, with the state’s high living and labor expenses placing it in the middle of the pack in terms of opportunity for its inhabitants, according to the Best States rankings.


Washington has cemented its position as a tech-sector powerhouse with progressive politics, flat taxation, and an industry-focused university system. Google and Facebook employ thousands of people in the Seattle region, and state authorities wish to see this trend continue.
Aside from the famous company names, the state has emerged as a national leader in business development. According to U.S. News, the state placed fifth in venture capital financing in 2020, with almost 200 organizations receiving venture capital funding. This strength comes as digital entrepreneurs who built their fortunes during the state’s ascension strive to build a new generation of Washington-born firms.

Business development

Seattle is one of the most favorable metropolitan areas for startups. Seattle is home to not only the headquarters of big companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks. It is also one of the most attractive cities on the West Coast, where aspiring entrepreneurs are heading – and for a good reason.

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1.9% of firms receive venture capital investments in Seattle. That is the highest rate of any major US city.

In addition, the local government is actively supporting the development of startups and small businesses by offering special grants through The Only in Seattle Initiative, which aims to “foster innovation in key areas and sectors.” What’s more, the Washington state government does not levy income taxes on startups to “help startup entrepreneurs.”

University of Washington – Michael G. Foster School of Business

“>Another influential player in the Seattle business ecosystem is the University of Washington’s Foster Business School, best known as a technology hub, with 60% of its alumni working in the industry
The business school also ranks 24th in the United States for the number of entrepreneurs among its former students, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

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In general, the business school is known for providing employment for 99% of its graduates.

They tend to work for large Seattle companies, but more Washington Foster alumni have started their own businesses recently. There are the following main reasons why Washington State is attractive for starting a new business.

Main reasons for starting a new business in Washington State

Strong Economy

Conquering Washington means your business has a chance to leverage a healthy and profitable economy and gain access to one of the largest markets in the world.

Bellingham Economic Development


Global financial corporations, venture capital funds, banks and other financial institutions have their headquarters and offices in the United States. Most of them are located in Washington. These institutions are happy to invest in the latest technologies

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Relatively low tax rate

Since 2018, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act has come into force in the United States. Discontinued the progressive jackal of income taxation and set a flat federal income tax rate for businesses of 21%.

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Business registration for non-residents

In the United States, there are no restrictions on starting a business for non-residents. By gaining access to the market and consumers in the United States, a business can achieve tremendous success.

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Business statistics

Washington state is home to 608,956 small companies employing 1.4 million people, accounting for more than half of the state’s private-sector employment. These small organizations account for 99.5 % of all Washington-based businesses, with more than half employing less than 100 people. Washington’s economy is valued at $563.2 billion, ranking it 12th in the United States.

Skagit County business development

One of the counties of Washington that provides great opportunities for business growth is Skagit County. To the untrained eye, the Skagit County economy seems straightforward. Agriculture would appear to be the major driver of the economy, with other industries playing a considerably smaller role. One would also expect tourism to play a big role, whether for events like the Tulip Festival or the numerous shopping locations. The reality is that Skagit County’s economy is far more varied.

The Skagit County economic structure appears considerably different from the expert eye. The economic system’s drivers are evolving, expanding, and responding to greater economic factors.

The biggest employers and sectors that provide business opportunities in Skagit County are:

Group 3

The biggest employers and sectors that provide business opportunities in Skagit County are:

The growing tech industry

The state economy has been propelled ahead by a growing technology industry in Seattle, attracting fresh talents. This tendency is an advantage not just for individuals in the technology sector but also for people in business who gain indirectly from development. With profit increasing, businesses are opening up, and more people are flooding into the state to search for employment. Entrepreneurs from various industries are seeing their customer bases expand and overall incomes increase.

Huge talent pool

The entrepreneurs in Washington report a strong talent pool to attract personnel. Much knowledge and skills are allocated to local and regional institutions, and the big state-owned enterprises have a high turnover. Entrepreneurs gain from corporate expertise as experienced individuals leave large firms to establish or operate in a more intimate location.

Central location for major companies

In Washington, many entrepreneurs, particularly in the Seattle region, take advantage of major corporations such as Amazon and Microsoft. Many small firms supply the B2B services needed by bigger firms. This offers smaller B2B companies a stable and deep-pocket client base.

Whatcom County business development

Whatcom County is another place in Washington state that offers good opportunities for business development. Bellingham is the most populous city in the US state of Washington and is located in Whatcom County.

The economy of Bellingham employs 45 400 people.

Explore local businesses in Whatcom County

The largest industries in Bellingham are:

  • Retail Trade (6,472 people)
  • Educational Services (6,205 people)
  • Health Care & Social Assistance (5,873 people)

The highest paying industries are:

  • Utilities ($55,333)
  • Public Administration ($54,909)
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services ($47,270)

Whatcom County business development

1. PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center — 3028 employees

2 . Western Washington University — 1700 employees

3. Bellingham School District — 1010 employees

4. Whatcom County — 907 employees

5. Bellingham city — 853 employees

6. Haggen — 750 employees

7. Fred Meyer — 710 employees

8. Whatcom Educational Credit Union — 668 employees

9. Bellingham Technical College — 664 employees

10. Zodiac Aerospace Bellingham — 496 employees1/

Employment in small and medium-sized businesses in the USA

Small and medium-sized businesses employ more than 52% of the country’s working population. Small businesses with up to 20 people employ about 19.6 million people. Small businesses also include enterprises with 20-99 employees (about 18.4 million employees), with 100-499 employees (14.6 million employees). About 47.7 million working Americans successfully work in enterprises employing 500 or more people.
Small business, for many, is the gateway to the sphere and large business. Women are also successful in small businesses. The number of women leaders is over 9 million. Flexible policies in production and personnel largely determine the success of many small business entrepreneurs.
is another place in Washington state that offers good opportunities for business development. Bellingham is the most populous city in the US state of Washington and is located in Whatcom County.